Why do Travelers visit in Nepal 2022?

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Why do visitors travel to Nepal in 2022? There are many reasons to visit Nepal as the country is marinade with various cultures and the glorious Himalayas. The country offers a wide range of exciting holiday destinations from the high Himalayas, scenic hills, and valleys. Where travelers can explore the harmony of local immense cultures and customs as it were in the past hundreds of centuries.

A country of great variation, enriched with exotic flora and fauna and colorful culture with an ancient historical and religious background. World’s 02% of flowering plants, 08 % of birds more than 857 species; 04 % of mammals exist in Nepal. A country of more than 60 ethnic groups with 70 native spoken languages, as well as various different cultures. There are many reasons that worldwide travelers are interested to travel in Nepal, a country with the world’s highest mountains. Nepal is a holy site where Lord Buddha was born, including many past glories interwoven to Hindu and Buddhist religions.

The one and only country in the world where Hinduism and Buddhism co-exist in perfect harmony. Where holy sites of both religions temples and monasteries stand close next to each other. This is one of few examples of why foreign visitors in Nepal, are fascinated observing both cultures of Hindu and Buddhist. Nepal offers more besides its interesting history, cultures, and heritage sites of old palaces and religious magnificent monuments.

A peaceful country, a blend of various traditional cultures, the people are friendly and always greet visitors with warm hospitality. The main flow of travelers in Nepal is for trekking, as the country provides a wide range of adventure destinations. Where one can enjoy from short day hikes to longer trekking facing breathtaking scenery of rolling hills and snow peaks.

Trekking is number one, as the country provides a great opportunity for trekkers and adventurers. One can choose from moderate, adventurous to challenging walks around Nepal Himalayas, staying in the comfort of nice mountain lodges. The most popular trekking destinations are Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal region, due to easy accessibility and excellent views. Besides popular, mainstream trekking trails, trekkers can enjoy walking off the beaten trails around remote corners of the Nepal Himalayas.

Nepal is a country for all types of visitors from family, school/college groups, and high-profile executives. Various exciting holiday destinations to choose from, trekking around the high Himalayan hills or joining for scenic and white-water rafting. For leisure and relaxing time in Nepal can enjoy a wildlife safari in the dense green jungles of the Terai belt. A great thrill in safari riding on an elephant on the lookout for wild animals like the rare endangered Royal Bengal Tiger.

Includes Rhinoceros, leopard, sloth bear, deer, wild boar, various species of reptiles with more than 600 species of birds. The best national park for jungle safari in Chitwan is the nearest park with driving and air distance. Which is listed as the best park in Asia for wildlife safari and games, the other park is at Bardiya. Located Far South West Nepal can be reached by land or taking a flight, less Disturbed Park for wild animals.

The other exciting thrills are Mountain Biking, which is gaining much popularity among foreign visitors. One can enjoy biking for a day to a week or more, in the comfort of lodges, resorts, and camping. Mountain biking is the best way to witness Nepal’s rural traditional farm life, along with grand views of Himalayan peaks.

Day Hike or more around Kathmandu valley rims hills and at scenic Pokhara, allows one to get refreshed. As well as some exercise walking uphill and catching fresh cool mountain air, along with a spectacular panorama of Himalayan peaks. A refreshing country walk, hiking along the ridges of Kathmandu valley, and enjoying fabulous sunrise and sunsets views. Reflecting on an array of white-snow peaks amidst beautiful surroundings of rhododendron and pine tree forest.

Nepal is full of natural wonders, historical places steeped with World Heritage Sites, one enjoy a tour at places of interest. Kathmandu, although a semi-modern capital city and commercial hub of Nepal, still retains its past old glory. Take a tour around Kathmandu’s old Durbar Square, a place of ancient Malla to the late Shah King’s palace. Visit the famous landmark of Nepal, Swayambhunath Stupa a place of worship for Buddhist followers as well as for all visitors.

The Stupa stands on a hillock of more than 2,500 years old history, facing grand views of Kathmandu city. Extend the tour to the huge Stupa of Bouddhanath with the seeing eyes of Buddha and to the holy temple of Pashupatinath. For interested people with many various impressive places in and around Kathmandu valley and beyond. Where one can enjoy fascinating cultures interwoven to age-old heritage, the pride and way of life for all Nepalese.

Nepal is a perfect and ideal holiday destination for all types of travelers as well for pilgrimage. Where one visits religious sites of holy lakes and ponds around high Himalayan hills and valleys. Travelers to Nepal visit for various interests from trekking, mountaineering, or just for leisure sightseeing tours. As well as educational, cultural tours or just enjoy relaxing in the comfort of Mountain Resorts with Himalayan peaks backdrop. Nepal for all seasons for interested travelers, visiting at the right season of the year will be more enjoyable. Spring and autumn times are the most preferable and favorable seasons to visit Nepal for all kinds of activities.

Traveling to Nepal with an easy assist by air and overland journey to enter the country. This makes much better options for visitors as Nepal has good flight connections from all around the world. From Asia with a direct or indirect flight to Kathmandu via Bangkok, Kula Lumpur or Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Visitors from Western countries can fly from respective international airports with connecting flights from Dubai, China, and UAE or New Delhi-India. One of the best reasons, Is visitors travel and choose Nepal as the country has always been safe and secure. For all foreign visitors engaged with various types of exciting holidays and adventure activities in Nepal. Nepal and the Himalayas welcome you to all types of exotic holiday destinations, a country of friendly and warm-hearted people. Click Here for Nepal Trip Booking and more details for 2022.



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