Why do you visit Everest Base Camp Trek in 2021?

Why do most visitors want to see Mt. Everest?

A great and simple subject to answers, as Mt. Everest towers high as the world’s tallest peaks. At present the new height of 8, 848. 86 meters / 29, 031. 69 feet high than it was before. Which was at 8,848 m and 29, 028 feet, then China and Nepal finally agreed after years of debate. Mt. Everest world’s number one peak that straddles the border with North in Tibet / China. While the South Face belongs to Nepal, which is the most popular side of Mt. Everest for trekking and mountaineering. Many wide-world people of all nationalities visit Nepal, for grand views of Mt. Everest.

Tenzing Hillary Airport

Where one can get the delights to see the world’s highest peaks with various options, as per their holiday duration. Nepal offers easy access to various to see the world’s highest Mt. Everest, with other famous peaks. Mt. Everest is the pride of Nepal, besides its other historical, religious, and natural wonders. The country can provide means of transport to see Mt. Everest at the closest distance by land or air. That is taking a swift scenic flight on an aircraft or in the comfort of a helicopter joy ride.

Views of Mt. Everest South Side from Nepal:

Most people with enough time of more than two weeks can trek right at the base of Mt. Everest. Taking more than ten days from the town of Lukla, where smooth scenic flight operates every day from Kathmandu. All round the year in good time of the season on a clear fine day when weather is favorable.

During 30 minutes flight enjoys a panorama of the Himalayan range with views of Mt. Everest includes dramatic scenery of lovely Nepal landscapes. Walk from Lukla takes you around lovely Sherpa villages adorned with prayer monuments of Buddhist religions, visiting Namche Bazaar. Day rest for acclimatization in Namche, and then on the road to Everest base camp. On pleasant scenic walks enjoying views of Mt. Everest with other range of high peaks. A beautiful trek with few hours of a steep climb and a touch of high altitude, but the views make the walk much enjoyable.

The adventure leads you around marvelous landscapes and villages like at scenic Tengboche and its colorful impressive monastery. Located on a high small plateau surrounded by enchanting woods, facing views of Mt. Everest and stunning looking Mt. Amadablam. From Tengboche, takes you around the higher side of Khumbu valley to reach Everest base camp. As you stop for overnights in a nice settlement of Dingboche and Lobuche on route to Everest base camp.

Suspension bridge in the Khumbu valley

On reaching Everest base camp at the height of 5, 364 m enjoy the stupendous scenery of giant peaks. Which is closely attached to Mt. Everest and within close to Khumbu Ice-Falls with massive glaciers. Everest base camp from Nepal’s south sides is more dramatic and scenic, where you can observe the nearest views of Everest. A climb to high Kalapathar hilltop one of the vantage points to see Mt. Everest at its closest. After reaching a dream distance beneath towering Mt. Everest at base camp and climb of Kalapathar, and then return to Lukla. For a sweeping flight to Kathmandu, after a great wonderful experience seeing Everest at the nearest distance.

The best way to see Mt. Everest at a close distance is trekking and staying overnights in a nice lovely cozy lodge. Where the comfort of Sherpa hospitality makes the adventure more enjoyable and worth trekking in the heart of Mt. Everest. Other options to see Mt. Everest can take a flight to Lukla for a week-long trek up to Tengboche Monastery. A moderate walk to enjoy a glorious panorama of Khumbu peaks with Mt. Everest in the harmony of Sherpa’s impressive culture.

For people with limited time in Nepal, and yet great interest to see Mt. Everest is taking Everest Mountain Flight. All domestic airlines operate daily on a clear fine day in the best high seasons of the year. This will be another breathtaking experience to see Mt. Everest on an hour flight or less. A wonderful way to view. Mt. Everest from the high Himalayan sky facing the world’s highest peaks. In the comfort of an aircraft spacious window seats to see Mt. Everest and beautiful country landscapes.

The other great wonderful option is a Helicopter flight to see Mt. Everest. At its closest distance from the air and on the ground, joining with other people or charter for your own pleasure. Helicopter tour, quite expensive but worth the experience, as it takes you around high scenic Khumbu valley. Helicopter lands close to Everest base camp, where you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of giant peaks. Includes closest views of Mt. Everest at a mere distance, time permitting chance to explore around Sherpa traditional villages. Catch glimpse of Sherpa local culture of great age-old heritage in the harmony of high surroundings mountain range.

Views of Mt. Everest North Face from Tibet / China:

For interested visitors can see Mt. Everest from both sides of the country, to reach the North side of Everest. One has to enter Tibet / China, located South East of the great Tibetan plateau, where base camp is located near Rongbuk Monastery. Requires more than a week of advance booking to process Tibet entry visa and travel permits. From the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu / Nepal where one can reach Everest north base camp. Taking an overland journey from Kathmandu to enter the nearest border of Tibet in Kyirong.

On entering Tibet at the border continue to drive all the way to Everest base camp near at Rongbuk Monastery area. Duration of 4–5 days or a week vice-versa with overnight stops on the route is a simple and basic lodge or guest-house. The other option is flying to Lhasa. From Lhasa drive towards Everest base camp and then head back to Lhasa or continue towards Kathmandu via Kyirong frontier.

Flying to Lhasa in Tibet, one can see a great Himalayan range of peaks with views of Mt. Everest. As the big plane flies over the other side of the Himalayas from Kathmandu International airport.The very good reason why visitors come to Nepal to see Mt. Everest, as Everest is the world’s highest. Also a dream mountain for many people, with years of planning just to catch glimpse of the tallest peaks on this planet earth.

We would like to suggest to all that if would you like to visit the classic and low adventure base camp trek then we highly recommend the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The ABC Trek is one of the popular and classic journeys in the Annapurna region.



A leading Himalayan trek and tour specialist, rewarded by Lonely Planet & Tripadvisor. A trusted Trekking Company. www.nepalhightrek.com |info@nepalhightrek.com

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A leading Himalayan trek and tour specialist, rewarded by Lonely Planet & Tripadvisor. A trusted Trekking Company. www.nepalhightrek.com |info@nepalhightrek.com